Here’s a list of the amp models that come with the Bias AMP virtual plug-in. Also included is a link to each amp’s product page on the manufacturer’s website, so you can see the profile and specs of the amp you intend on using.

It’s good to know about the virtual amp or FX you are using and what it is modeled after. That way, you can choose the right amp for the sound you are going for.

Model name – Real amp name


Amps included in Bias AMP

1 – Clean

Hiway 103 CleanHiwatt DR 103 Clean channel

’76 RC-120Roland Jazz Chorus RC-120

British 900 CleanMarshall JCM900 Clean channel

’94 Match 30Matchless DC30

2 – Glassy

’67 Dumble CleanDumble Clean channel

’66 British TB 30Vox AC30

’65 Blackface VibroFender Vibroverb

’67 Blackface DuoFender Twin Reverb

3 – Blues

American BassFender ’59 Bassman

Tweed LuxFender ’57 Tweed Deluxe

Mini Duo Reverb – Fender Mini Twin Reverb

’64 British J45Marshall JTM-45 (Block Logo)

4 – Crunch

British Plexi 50wMarshall Plexi

British Lead 800Marshall JCM800

Hiway DR 103Hiwatt DR 103 Crunch

’69 Super LeadMarshall Super Lead

5 – Hi-Gain

British Rock 50Orange AD30

RB 101BBogner Ecstacy 101

SLO 100Soldano SLO-100

Monster VH4Diezel VH4 Lead channel

5153 MKII2002 Peavey 5150 Mk 2

Triple TreadplateMesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier

SLO SP-88Soldano SP88

Mark iiC+Mesa/Boogie Mark IIc+

6 – Insane

Positive InsaneOriginal positive grid amp

Insane 5153Keith Merrow’s Peavey 5150

Power PlaceENGL Powerball

FireENGL Fireball

7 – Acoustic

Acoustic AmpOriginal Positive Grid amp

Keyboard AmpOriginal Positive Grid amp

Acoustic SimOriginal Positive Grid amp

Vocal AmpOriginal Positive Grid amp

8 – Bass

British AD20Orange AD200

GK 800Gallien-Kreuger 800RB

Blue Line1969 Ampeg SVT

Super BassFender Super Bassman



Amps included in Bias FX

A – Low Gain

’67 BlackfaceFender Bassman

’69 Duo VerbFender Twin Reverb

’77 Silver ToneRoland Jazz Chorus JC-120

59 Tweed LuxFender Blues Deluxe

’94 Match DCMatchless DC30

’66 AC BoostVox AC30

PhD ZDr. Z MAZ 38

Clean MasterFender Bandmaster

Super SonicFender Supersonic

B – Crunch

British OR30Orange AD30

Grid CrunchOriginal Positive Grid amp

British Rock 50Orange OR50

’69 PlexiglassMarshall JCM800

Modded PlexiModded Marshall JCM800

Pushed TweedModded Fender Blues Deluxe

Lanny 50Laney LC50

C- Hi-Gain

Modded Mark IIc+Modded Mesa Boogie Mark IIc+

Insane SatanOriginal Positive Grid amp

Ecstacy 101Bogner Ecstacy

German FireENGL Fireball

’92 TreadplateMesa/Boogie Rectifier

Snake’s Lead 800Original Positive Grid amp

High Gain EL34Original Positive Grid amp

’04 Insane 5153Peavey 5150


’69 Blue LineAmpeg SVT Blueline

700 RBGallien-Krueger 700RB

Bass 360Acoustic 360 Bass Amp

GK800Gallien-Krueger MB800

Supra BassOriginal Positive Grid amp


Acoustic SimOriginal Positive Grid amp

Acoustic AmpOriginal Positive Grid amp

Fat AcousticOriginal Positive Grid amp


List for the amps included in Bias AMP
List for the amps included in Bias FX


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