Here’s a list of the pedal/stompbox models that come with the Bias FX virtual plug-in. Also included is a link to each effect’s product page on the manufacturer’s website, so you can see the profile and specs of the effect you intend on using.

It’s good to know about the virtual amp or FX you are using and what it is modeled after. That way, you can choose the right amp for the sound you are going for.

FX included in Bias FX

1 – Gate

Noise GateMXR Smart Gate

Noise ReductionISP Decimator G-String

Noise FilterMXR Noise Clamp

2 – Comp

Red CompMXR Dyna Comp

Blue CompBoss CS-3

CompressorWampler Ego Compressor

Tube CompUREI 1176LN

4K CompKeeley 4 knob Compressor

Opto CompBBE Opto Stomp

Studio CompTeletronix LA-2A

3 – Boost

Treble BoosterDallas Rangemaster Treble Booster

BoosterXotic RC Booster

Tube BoostVox V810 Valve Tone

S-BoosterTC Electronic Spark Booster

4 – Drive

Super ODBoss DS-1

808ODIbanez TS808

Overdrive BoostIbanez TS-808DX

Distortion XOriginal Positive Grid FX

Face FuzzDunlop Face Fuzz

Guitar MuffElectro-Harmonix Big Muff

Clone DriveKlon Centaur

SAB DriverFulltone OCD v4

Tube DriverBK Butler Tube Driver

Thrash MasterMarshall Shred Master

Fuzz ArsenalZ.VEX Fuzz Factory

PreampSansAmp PSA-1

5 – EQ

VolumeErnie Ball VP 6166

EQ6MXR 6 band Graphic EQ

EQ4 – Boss PQ-4

EQ10 – Peavey 10 Band Stereo Equalizer

Studio EQManley Massive Passive EQ

6 – Modulation

TremoloMXR Tremolo

ChorusMXR Stereo Chorus

OctaverElectro-Harmonix Micro Pog

Orange PhaserMXR Phase 100

Phaser ProBoss PH-3

FlangerElectro-Harmonix Electric Mistress

Classic VibeVoodoo Labs Micro Vibe

Uni-VibeUnivox Uni-Vibe

Analog PhaserMoog Moogerfooger MF-103 Phaser

TremolatorDemeter Tremulator

ClonerElectro-Harmonix Small Clone

Stripe FlangerMXR EVH117 Flanger

Flanger ProA/DA Flanger

Mu-TronMu-Tron Mutron III Enevelope Filter

Chorus OneBoss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble

Cry WahDunlop Cry Baby GCB95

Stereo Chorus – Original Positive Grid FX

Dual PhasorMu-Tron Phasor II

Pitch ShifterDigitech Whammy 4

7 – Delay

DelayBoss DD-3

Tape Delay UnitRoland Space Echo RE-201

Analog DelayBoss DM-3

Deluxe DelayElectro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

Reverse DelayOriginal Positive Grid FX

Ping PongOriginal Positive Grid FX

EchotapeMaestro Echoplex

8 – Reverb

Digital ReverbBoss RV-3

’63 SpringBoss / Fender Spring Reverb Unit

Stereo ReverbOriginal Positive Grid FX

Ambient ReverbDigitech Hardwire Supernatural Reverb

Dual Spring – Pete’s Place Audio RCM-2R Tube Reverb


List for the FX included in Bias FX


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