Here is a list of music equipment retailers and distributors in India. A distributor or importer is the company responsible for importing a manufacturer’s products into the country, and is also usually tasked with after-sales service. While it is preferable to purchase directly from a distributor if possible, dealers can often offer better deals. You may contact the distributors listed here directly for availability of products, and for information on an authorized dealer in your area.

In this third list, I’ve written about companies making music accessories and other miscellaneous equipment used by musicians and producers. At the bottom of the page a contact phone number and email has been given for each retailer.


Ableton Push – The Inventory
AIAIAI Headphones – The Inventory
Alfred Publishing – N/A
Aquarian Drumheads – N/A
Asterope Cables (by Fishman) – N/A
Audeze – Ferrari Video
Audiofly Earphones – N/A


Basiner Gig Bags – Alberto Music
Backbeat Publishing – N/A
Bareknuckle Pickups – Alberto Music
Bartolini Pickups – N/A
Beats Headphones – Apple India
Bespeco Cables and Stands
– Nippon Enterprises South
Big Bends Nut Sauce – N/A
Buzz Feiten Tuning Systems – Alberto Music


Celestion Speakers – Decibel Pro Systems
Cleartone Strings –
Crane Stands – N/A
Cruz Tools – N/A


D’Addario Strings and accessories – Furtados Music
Dean Markley Strings – Onstage Music
Decibel Eleven – N/A
Decksaver – N/A
Diago Power Supplies – N/A
Dimarzio Pickups– Play Floyd
Direct Sound Extreme Isolation – N/A
DR Strings – N/A
DrumDial – N/A
Dubs Earplugs – Aux Fox
Dunlop Strings and Accessories – Onstage Music


Earasers Plugs – N/A
Emerson Custom – N/A
Etymotic Earplugs
Evidence Audio – N/A
Ebow – N/A
Ebtech – N/A
Eminence SpeakersCapital Radio Company
Eurolite Cases – N/A
Elixir Strings – Onstage Music
EMG Pickups – Musicians Mall
Ernie Ball guitar and bass strings – Onstage Music
Evans drumheads – Furtados Music


Fishman – Furtados Music
Franklin Straps – N/A
Furman Power Conditions – Reynolds Inc.
Fusion Gig Bags – N/A


George L’s – N/A
Gibraltar Hardware– N/A
Grover Tuners – N/A
Gotoh Hardware – N/A
GHS and Accessories– Musicians Mall
Gator Cases – Musicians Mall
Graphtech Guitar Labs – Bhargava’s Musik

G7th Capos – N/A


Hal Leonard Publishing – Furtados Music
Hosa – Trimac Products
Hudson Music – Furtados Music
Hipshot Hardware – N/A
Hearos Earplugs – N/A
Hercules Stands – Furtados Music
HQ Percussion – Furtados Music

I – J – K – L

Intellitouch Freedom – N/A

Jensen Loudspeakers – N/A

Kluson Tuners – N/A
Konig & Meyer – Furtados Music
Koss – Betta Electronics
Kyser Capo – N/A

Lava Cables – Alberto Music
Levy’s Straps – Furtados Music
Lindy Fralin Pickups – Alberto Music
Loxx Strap Locks – Promusicals

M – N – O

Magma Bags – The Inventory
Mel Bay Books – Furtados Music
Mighty Bright – Furtados Music
Mogami – N/A
Mono Creators – Promusicals
Monster Cable and Power – N/A

Nordstrand Guitar & Bass Pickups – Alberto Music

Onstage Stands – Onstage Music


Pedaltrain – Alberto Music
Pelican Cases (Battle Cases) – N/A
Planet Waves instrument accessories – Furtados Music
Puresound Percussion – Furtados Music


Raw Vintage – Bhargava’s Musik
Railhammer Pickups – Divine Music
Regal Tip – Onstage Music
Remo Drum heads, percussion and accessories – Onstage Music
Reunion Blues Cases – N/A
RoadReady Cases – N/A
Rock Stand / Rock Bag – Furtados Music
Rotosound Strings – Bhargava’s Musik
RTOM Drum Accessories – N/A


Sennheiser Headphones – Sennheiser India
Schaller – Alberto Music
Scott Dixon Cases – N/A
SIT Strings – Alberto Music
SKB Bags and CasesAudio Ethics
Sperzal – N/A
Stay Music Stands – Sudeep Audio
Superior Vocal Health – Promusicals

T – U – V – W – X – Y – Z

Triad-Orbit Stands – N/A

Ultimate Support – Trimac Products

VaterAmrit Music
Vic Firth – OnStage music

Westone – N/A
Wilkinson Parts – N/A


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