Here are the albums released in the country for the week of 3 – 9 April.
(click the name or artwork of the album to go to download/purchase link)


Adam AvilRelentless Live 2017

Mumbai based guitarist and composer released a live album recorded at the Cotton Press Studio on April 3

Treble BiteRock It Was, Rock It Is!

Mumbai based classic/blues rock band released their debut full-length album on April 4

Twist To Break SealWritten On Bottles

Mumbai based alternative rock band released their debut full-length album on April 6


Blanc XHyperlag EP

Pune based experimental/ambient producer Pratham Wadgaonkar released his debut EP aas Blanc X on April 7

D-ToxThe Droid

Pune based dance music producer Vikrant Joshi released his third EP as D-Tox on April 4

Infinite Jar SpaceRiverlost

Patiala based experimental/noise producer Ikagar Saini released his second EP as Infinite Jar Space on April 6


Shores Of OrionFor The Days Gone Without You By My Side

Kolkate based producer Parijat Chakrabority released a single as Shores Of Orion on April 6

Spine ShatterThis Spiteful Race

Chennai based groove metal band released their single on April 5

Were there any releases that came out this week that we missed? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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