Here are the albums released in the country for the week of April 17 – 23
(click the name or artwork of the album to go to download/purchase link)


Dystopia A.D. – Choke

Delhi based death metal producer Chris released his debut EP as Dystopia A.D. on April 22

KreophagousRedeemed via Creophagous Force

Diphu (Assam) based brutal death metal duo, comprising of Binong Timung and Longmir Teron, released their debut EP as Kreophagous on April 16

N3150Notes: Chapter V – Amaranth Sunrise

Experimental producer released the fifth release from his series of monthly releases on April 20

The Forbidden RitualTearfrost

Dehradun based progressive death metal trio released their debut EP on April 16


Chennai Street Band – ‘Udd Chal (feat. Jonita Gandhi)’


Chennai based regional pop band, led by front-man Srihari Jagannathan, released their debut single on April 21

Sid VashiWai Wai

Mumbai based electronic producer released the second single from his upcoming album ‘Azuma Kazuma’ on April 20

4th Axis – ‘The Undertaker Has Left the Ring’

Delhi based alternative rock group released their debut single on April 13

Were there any releases that came out this week that we missed? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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