Here are the albums released in the country for the week of 15 – 21 May.
(click the name or artwork of the album to go to download/purchase link)


Disciplined ChaosOpaque

Delhi based post rock multi-instrumentalist Dhruv Kathuria released his debut full-length on May 24

Optical Panda.exe

Mumbai based electronic music producer released his third full-length on May 16.

Sid VashiAzuma Kazuma

Mumbai based electronic producer released his debut full-length LP on May 16


Anu LangLiquid Enemy

Guwahati based instrumental progressive rock guitarist Anubhav Langthasa released his debut EP as Anu Lang on May 20

Jared BiblerMidwest, Anywhere

Mumbai based Ohio folk musician released his debut EP on May 19

Jessop&Co. Cream

Kolkata based experimental/noise duo of Anupal Adhikary and Subho S. Sharma released an EP as Jessop&Co. on May 19

MaheshVeins EP

Bengaluru based singer-songwriter released his second EP on May 19

N3150 – Notes: Chapter VI – Black Diamonds

Experimental producer released the fifth release from his series of monthly releases on May 20


Bipul ChettriBasant

Delhi based singer-songwriter released a single on May 22

Were there any releases that came out this week that we missed? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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