Here are the albums released in the country for the week of 29th May – 4th June.
(click the name or artwork of the album to go to download/purchase link)


Grandpaws – Getting By

Mumbai based alternative rock/blues band released their debut album on May 31


Darsh KadamWake Up, We’re Sinking

Bengaluru based singer-songwriter released his debut EP on May 29

Heathen Beast$cam

Kolkata based anonymous black metal studio band released their 5th EP on June 1

Stoned SeahorseSleepless

Bengaluru based experimental rock musician Shrawan Banerjee released his debut EP as Stoned Seahorse on June 3

Totem TribeKinship EP

Mumbai based Tribal house/electronica project released their debut EP on May 31

Void – Reverie

Experimental metal musician released his debut EP as Void on June 2


ParvaazColor White

Bengaluru based psychedelic rock group released a single on May 29

ThisisvijHeart Beat X Black Forest

Bengaluru based chillwave producer Vijay Bharadvaj released a single as Thisisvij on June 4

Were there any releases that came out this week that we missed? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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