We met with live and session drummer Jai Row Kavi at his residence in Chuim Village in Khar for a special episode of Tools Of The Trade. Jai took us through his drum and cymbal setup, and also spoke about why he prefers the gear he uses.

Jai is endorses Pearl drums and is using a Pearl Reference kit in arctic white with black hardware. The sizes on his drums are 20″x18″ kick drum, 10″x8″ and 12″x8″ rack toms, and 14″x14″ and 16″x16″ floor toms. For this setup he is using a Pearl free-floating copper snare drum, with floating hoops. He also uses an auxiliary snare, a Pearl Popcorn maple 10″x6″.

Each drum has Evans Drumheads, which Jai endorses. The kick drum has an EQ3 batter and a stock Pearl coated head on the reso side. The snare has a Power Center Reverse Dot batter and a Hazy 300 resonant head. The toms have G2 coated on the batter side with the Reso 7 coated resonant head. The Popcorn snare has a G1 coated on the batter side.

For cymbals, Jai endorses Meinl cymbal and is using a variety of dry cymbals. He is using a 16″ Byzance Extra Dry medium-thin hihat; coupled with a small stack which is a 14″ Gen-X china with 12″ Traditional splash; a 19″ Byzance Extra Dry thin crash; a 20″ Vintage Pure light ride; a bigger stack which is a 18″ Extra Dry china with a 18″ Vintage Trash crash; and a 22″ Vintage Byzance crash.

The drummer is a long-term Vic Firth user, and is now using the 55A model exclusively. Jai likes to use Pearl Eliminator double bass pedals, and has been using his set for over 5 years.

An accessory that Jai likes to use on his snare is the Snareweight. The drummer says it, “dampens the snare to cut overtones while adding thickness.”

Saw something you liked in this video? Have suggestions or other opinions you’d like share? Post your comments and feedback in the section below.


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